Samsung Smart TV Evolution Kit Install How to

Bring your TV up to date with the Samsung Evolution Kit!

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  • Starianna Xiao

  • M A K KHAN

    OK, I bought the later model which has a c type stand and came with this remote which you are showing in the video.My question is can I record RF cable tv channels from this tv to my laptop or pc ?I've tried DANNY but it did not work.

  • Maxwell todd

    Hello just maybe you can help me I download kodi on a sub drive I plug it into sub port it showed up on the screen of my Samsung smart to but I can't install it please can you help me I am trying to install kodi on to my tv ok

  • Benny Alminde

    Do not update WARNING big brother can listen on YOU if you have smart tv

  • David Brown

    Better off getting a android tv box it works with all TVs.

  • Bruno Costa

    não comprem SAMSUNG, comprei uma 4k de resolução smart tv, liguei no suport me falaram que travou porque a memória está cheia e não tem atualização do firmware da smat tv disponível... ou seja perdi a tv

  • Emmanuel Abrams

    2012 tv's do comme with wifi stop saying nonsense if you don't know better it's best too keep it closedCaractéristiques principales de la TV SAMSUNG UE40ES6300 = 2012TV LCD à rétroéclairage LEDDiagonale : 101 cm (40")TV Full HD (HD TV 1080p) : 1920 x 1080TV 3D (active) avec 2 paires de lunettesFluidité : Indice 200 (Clear Motion Rate)Smart TV : Smart TV - Smart Hub • Lecteur multimédia • EnregistreurTV Connectée : Navigateur Internet • HbbTV • Wi-Fi • Bluetooth • DLNA • AllShare PlaySérie / Design : One Design, Crystal TVTV prête pour la TNT HD (compatible MPEG4) : OUI !

  • Juan Valencia

    @DustinDep questions. if I install the evolution Kit . will my tv have the option "screen mirroring " available? I got the same tv UN60ES8000. please help me!!!! 👍

  • Robert Greenhouse

    Why do Tv's need this? I just want added memory for the guide

  • Mary osor

    Todo en inglés nooo 😥

  • ableite

    biggest bullshit ever. lol

  • Lloyd Collins

    how to connect 3D blue ray player to watch a dvd movie to a Samsung Led tv can you get me a video much appreciated thanks this is Lloyd Collins Samsung Tv model is UA32 D 4ooo/32D4o1o

  • Juan Carlos Soria

    donde puedo comprar el evolution kit en Bolivia

  • Utch Punk

    Wank, get an android tv

  • L.J.

    should explain the Evolution Kit is first before installing it

  • Juan Valencia

    @DustinDep questions. if I install the evolution Kit . will my tv have the option "screen mirroring " available? I got the same tv UN60ES8000. please help me!!!! 👍

  • Saul Padawan

    Hi, how r you doing?!my TV doesn't work without the kit, once I remove the kit and I turn my TV on, it keeps rebooting until I re-install the kit again, then everything works! the problem is: I want to sell the Evolution Kit!is anyone having the same issue?

  • CH1NOify

    Can I use it on Samsung 3 series?

  • allan powell

    does the kit get quite hot when on as mine does

  • iDontLikeMods

    What does this even do ?

  • JoinAnamoly

    Why aren't you able to use wifi. This is an es8000 model right? Thought they had build in wifi.

  • lex bom bom

    i need help please i can't use YouTube with this tv 😭😭

  • drew bee

    But it's 2018 Now !!!!!

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