mi a1 vs iphone 6 speed test..which is faster, we are doing a quick speed test between both these smartphones one is mid range and other is flagship range...see which is fast...
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vivo v7 plus vs iphone 6 speed test - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC9spxk393A
  • Abednego Alfred

    Harusnya Faster bukan fast

  • Mauro De La Fuente Marquina

    Mi a1 4ever my friend!

  • IKH TV

    Very impressive for a 4 yrs old iphone

  • Vít Holeček

    Iphone is better so much

  • Kara Kaplan

    Mi a1 vs redmi 5 plus which

  • sanjaya gusje

    I like iPhone it's premium but mi a1 win because it's cheaper iPhone storage 32 .xiaomi 64. But xiaomi cheaper . Xiaomi has big display too . Not just display but the battery better . And mi a1 have fingerprint that totally change my life


    Gaarebo ka i phone vs ameero ka phone

  • Meet velani

    Mi A1 is better then I phone 6

  • tats.

    You could compare 6s ez.

  • Iftah Izul

    Yang menang itu XIOMI sama orang ini di dahului dulu i phone nya....

  • Jakub Jankiewicz

    You forgot to close apps before opening next apps (or maybe you wanted to see which one has better multitasking). On first apps iP was faster but then you weren't closing opened apps that were still using phone's RAM and or CPU that are better in Mi A1 so at the end the Mi A1 was better than on the begining.

  • Guna Sekaran

    Mi A1 and Apple two mobiles are best

  • Milind Khopaye

    Mi fast than Apple...

  • David Sdk

    update the xiaomi mi a1 to oreo and it will be the winner

  • sasidhar vanukuri

    its not fair with 1GB vs 4GB ram

  • Nhật Trường Offcial

    Use Mi A1 will updete OS 9.0........

  • Gaming with me

    Can you send me your WhatsApp number

  • BlueSword Music

    iPhone X is the best, he is The King Of Antutu!

  • Adarsh Ramesh

    Iphone6 released in 2014 ....mia1 in 2017.....so plz compare with i7,8,10

  • Adrianna Niepowiem

    Price the iPhone 6 is baddd so baddddddd xd

  • lukkash

    And WHAT does it show? It shows that Android (One in this case) is still not optimised well cos a device with 4GB Ram and 8-cores processor should have crushed this iphone with 1GB Ram and 2-cores proc only also with lower per-core frequency. Of course, its price is very lower but definitely should work more to make Android well optimised eventually.

  • Bhagwant Singh

    iphone is always best

  • Rai Oliveira

    Quem viu ele apertando sempre no 6 primeiro

  • im_faizzz 07

    Mi gareebo ka Iphone 😂😂😂

  • AYUSH Shukla

    Dono ke price bhe deko

  • subho Mondal

    I phone 6 is a batter

  • Igor' Pilyugin

    На Mi A1 всю анимацию в ноль обрезали . Для чего ? Что бы он быстрее что то открывал ? Бля это так не работает . На айфоне есть все анимации и все плавно происходит .

  • Banwari lal Sahariya

    Mi a1 me itni let game open nahi hota

  • Guildrian De Oliveira

    Iphone 6 is almost four years older than xaomi m1 a1... iphone won for me

  • Mansi Sonawane

    iphone is nice and fast

  • Swayam Patange

    Apple is best than mi

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