mi a1 vs iphone 6 speed test..which is faster, we are doing a quick speed test between both these smartphones one is mid range and other is flagship range...see which is fast...
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vivo v7 plus vs iphone 6 speed test - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC9spxk393A
  • Ravi kumar

    Hahahahahahah mi knha se tkkr degaa gribo ka phone hh

  • Viral Favor

    Yeah...my iphone is better then Mi😁

  • Bishal Tamang

    Gandu mi ko apple sah compare kr ta h gandu chutia

  • Mohammed Safeel

    For games iPhone is speed

  • ViciadoGamesBr

    Mi a1 have touch id?

  • totilloxd

    The problem is that mi A1 need to charge more pixels idiots

  • Ashish Sonar

    Campare mat karo iphone iphone hai

  • Violeta Maria Z.

    This is an iPhone 6S right ? If I am wrong sorry.

  • Chintu Sharma

    I phone I phone hota h bro

  • shahid khan

    iphone is best than android

  • Kosteczki i układanki

    after 4 years iphone still better xdddd

  • Gokula Kannan

    iPhone 6 display wow

  • Natasha Sartorius

    i watch this on my iphone 6

  • AndyJD 0206 ツ

    I watching this in Mi A1

  • Fabrizio M

    Watching on iPhone 6😂😝

  • Shadab Sayed

    Mi a1 will blast quickly when over charged but iphone 6 won't blast even on over charge😂😂

  • Charles Hamm

    I have a big probleme! It's the second time my phone is switched on in a safe mode and I don't know what to do with it! At the last time the probleme sloved, with SIM card out and back in, but this is no longer possible! Can somebody help me? Sorry for my english I am 13 old german!

  • Tech all thing bs trideep Kumar mohanta ciaz

    I love MI A1 Android one. ... very very very very very very nice and fast

  • TheRoyale Boss OFTheRayoo

    I had mi a1 now i have huawei p10 lite

  • DzonyX

    something is wrong with a1 gaming its so fast on m a1 u did something u blsck bitvh

  • RainE E

    iPhone 6 faster, MiA1 winner.


    Bhai iphone sabhi phone ka baap hai

  • Alex Geyts

    Lol, the most ridiculous thing is that 4-year device is more powerful than todays xiaomi. And now, in 2018, they have the same price, so high cost of iphone is not an argument.

  • Gokula Kannan

    Can u make How to play pubg 30 fps in mi a1With out fast battery Drain and heat up

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