Chunga-Changa [from cartoon Katerok]

an excerpt from "Katerok" by animation giant Soyuzmultfilm=)

everybody knows that jolly tune, not everybody knows it was ever featured in a cartoon. Here you are=)
  • tony montana

    its russian reggae songs

  • ramarokoto

    the reflection on that water though...

  • warlord970

    The book ''Siberian education'' brought me here.

  • Kapla RBLX

    LOVE it:-)A-T The Edina music normal itsNu.pogpdi

  • Mattias Rajando

    chunga - chang sinij basvutchunga-changaleto kruglõj godchunga changa vesjela zivjomchunga-changapesenku pojom

  • Orhideya1231


  • hamburger12234

    <3 I love this song, this is my childhood...

  • Gigatless

    I am russian and this cartoon is racist as shit. It's about blacks being lazy, dancing and eating bananas while living on an island.

  • OkamiWan

    Racistic cartoon? Srlsy? Well, there are TOO many retards last days... Please, just purge this world already...

  • Karen Barseghyan

    Ձագիս ամենասիրած մուլտիկը

  • Spyci Sugar

    can i get the name of the singers

  • It'sAida

    Я люблю чунга-чанга!!!!!! <3 :)

  • Maksim Monastyrskyy

    Rassist Russia Chunga is slur for prostitute and changa is female monkey in Spanish.

  • Volkblin

    Every russian kid knows this song, none of them think of racism or even blacks when they hear it. It's a simple song about the simple tropical life. Soviets (the time period this song was made) wanted to spread communism to Africans, insulting them wasn't something they were interested in.

  • Konstantyn Povetkin

    Watched this cartoon as a kid. Maybe it's the reason why I don't know what "racism" means...

  • CasePrint org

    This children's cartoon, which will soon turn 50 years old! we even watch it on TV) More than one generation grew on it! the ship was able to get into a tropical storm, and it was on a small tropical island of Chunga-Chang, where summer is year round. Here, funny songs are performed by black children, a giraffe and a parrot. Here you can always eat coconuts and chew bananas, there are no worries. And although these children claim that the one who stayed in Chunga-Chang, for at least an hour, will never leave the island, the boat, however, went home to her river, because she began to miss herAbsolutely no racism! You watch movies on television and in the movies, where actors of different colors of skin. In America, this is not shown?)

  • Mantas

    Everyone says this animation is racist. You know what I say?? I like bananas

  • Freddy22803

    I made bold to copy english translations from the previous comments (with the small edition towards a correctness). I suggest the author to take out them in the description of the clip. By the way - the inscription of the cutter's lifebuoy means "little siskin".--------------------------------------Close english translation:--------------------------------------IChoongah-chungah, a blue sky dome,Choongah-chungah, summer whole year long.Choongah-chungah, we're living joyful,Choongah-chungah, we're singing the song.Refrain:It's an amazing island,It's an amazing island,Living here is easy and simple,Living here is easy and simple,Choongah-chungah !Our happiness is whole time longChew coco-nuts, eat bananas,Chew coco-nuts, eat bananas,Choongah-chungah !IIChoongah-chungah, there is no better place.Choongah-chungah, we don't know miseries.Choongah-chungah, the one who lived here even for an hour,Choongah-chungah, he wouldn't leave us.Refrain.-----------------------------------------Equirythmique english translation:-----------------------------------------IChoongah-chungah, heavenly blue sky,Choongah-chungah, the'summer time to shine.Choongah-chungah - dancing all along,Choongah-chungah - sing a happy song !Refrain:Wonder-island, wonder-island,Easy life we live on dreamland,Simple life we live on dreamland,Choongah-chungah !Never end a happy hours,Try coco-nuts, eat bananas,Try coco-nuts, eat bananas,Choongah-chungah !IIChoongah-chungah, thers'no better place,Choongah-chungah, no troubles to face,Choongah-chungah, who has been just once,Choongah-chungah - wouldn't leave from us !Refrain.

  • Sunlight Pavper

    Всегда нравился потрясающий бархатный голос Анатолия Горохова в этой песне!

  • Charizo

    Its a cartoon... none of it is racist its just 2 black humans loving their life on a small island with animals singing a song there is no offensiveness 

  • WeAreEffervescent

    You are referring to a single theory about a way of life that no longer exists. I am talking about the real lifestyle of the people in the past two-three hundred years, including the decade when the cartoon was made.

  • Balage78Szfvar

    our Russian teacher played this on reel-to-reel magnetophone between 1986-1992,and some GENA crocodile songs and so on..she later became German teacher,I went on language exam then

  • KaptonTimo

    i dont know russian but i like it somehow.


    Самый весёлый мультец

  • Tarek & Janan Mehdi-AlSheriani

    Salam severam bo videoone

  • ➊➌➌➐►MrSouthernModz◄ ➊➌➌➐

    I don't speak this language which I believe is to be Russian but for some reason I can't stop watching this. I don't even really care for the country itself. I can speak English and Japanese so why do I find this entertaining?

  • Carina

    so many memories of my childhood!

  • John Morrison

    I watch this with my girlfriend and her little brother. He's 16 months old and he goes absolutely bonkers when the dolphins come on. Great animation, catchy tune.

  • Veluwehert

    Голландский перевод - Dutch translation:Tsjoenka -Tsjanka, wat wil je nog meer?Tsjoenka-Tsjanka, altijd zomers weerTsjoenka-Tsjanka, lekker leven magTsjoenka-Tsjanka, zing iedere dagRefr.Heerlijk eiland, heerlijk levenen de aapjes pootjes gevenen de aapjes pootjes gevenTsjoenka-TsjankaEten met je vieze handenkokosnoten op de strandenkokosnoten op de strandenTsjoenka-TsjankaTsjoenka-Tsjanka, wat een mooie plekTsjoenka-Tsjanka, niets is er te gekTsjoenka-Tsjanka, ben je eenmaal hierTsjoenka-Tsjanka, heb je steeds plezier

  • Allen Rubin

    That saxophone playing dolphin is amazing...

  • John Smith

    If you consider a cartoon, where two cute black children sing about how good their little paradise island is, something racist - you are a retard, sir.

  • Mike Sagaran

    Russian nursery rhyme. Very good.

  • Heaven Atsbeha

    i so remember this but the other version where the kids choir sings it what was it?

  • YtubesTaeglichBrot

    Thumbs up if you think he looks like a woman

  • Peeter Viljamaa

    it's really fun until about 2:19, where it gets creepy

  • Chris Gabele

    Racist Russian film on African tribal stereotypes.  

  • gabriele coco

    Someone is here cause the book "siberian education" of nicolai lilin ? 😀

  • Ivan H. Z Alvaro

    This is my first time to see this video and I'm gonna tell for everybody, I liked the video, the video is really funny. So, it means there aren't nothing about RACISM. Chunga- Changa, la la la la.................

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