Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

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  • Raksa Peov

    Is that her live voice??????Seriously???

  • no life1

    Where is juice world

  • 아수라

    C’mon Halsey made me question my sexuality

  • Naadira Moola

    I love how she sounds even better live ♥️ she had an amazing talent

  • Heba Hamdy

    There’s a model that looks like Barbie

  • Whitey Reactions

    Halsey looks normal size then these tall bone racks come out, yikes!

  • Koyel Guha

    Halsey is the show stopper 😘

  • eli

    1:30 I love her so much rn. She’s so beautiful and I can only imagine how insecure about that but she is OWNING IT.

  • Christianne Wieringa

    I like this better than in the video clip

  • ratso69ful

    Seriously, Halsey is the HOTTEST one out there....

  • Mn Nn

    I feel powerful already 🤣

  • Shomet Manamit

    Halsey and rita ora , the best!

  • Neo Grassland

    Her voice and styles are soooo unique 😭❣️ a reason to love her 😭❣️❣️❣️

  • Project Hu148

    I thought those events are for true beauty, yet its a show full of covering up imperfections and showing the best side of the females. Even the singing is lip synced

  • dogs10

    For those who don't believe in God only he could create Angels like that! ;)

  • Arawi S

    02:01 ? Do u know her name She is very attractive 💙💙

  • Killer Reid

    My dad Abel at 2:20 😍

  • Magic Subliminals

    Who are the first three models?

  • Stefani Todorova

    2:56 she is so beautiful .What's her name?😍😍😍😍

  • Arawi S

    2:12 what's her name ? And 3:19 ♥

  • Mr. Cosmic Rays

    1:28 I saw her in antm

  • lovesucksperiod unknow

    all those models are so pretty want to inspire me to be a model

  • Aurora Gemini

    Autotune has left the chatTalent has joined the chat

  • wala lang

    3:31 - 3:32 damn this girl is a beauty!

  • hungry hungry hippo nyli

    okay i don’t love halsey’s personality sometimes but she’s literally prettier than half the models lmao. (except for winnie, who has a beautiful soul ❤️)

  • JBCustomRods

    As a feminist parading down a stage in front of men would seem slightly disturbing...

  • Jhonnattan Eilish

    Brasil Alguém 🙀???🇧🇷🌹🤭🌼

  • 75 subs with no videos?

    1:24 just doing the uzi move

  • Aguir Joana

    0:44 what is her name?

  • Iva P.


  • angelie yap


  • zuza gabcova

    halsey is the queen plus she is pretty than the modelsthe 11k are gonna go hell for sure

  • nurxliyx puteri

    Who said Halsey needed autotune?❤

  • Nurul Alia

    Really missed...adriana,candice,ale,doutzen,miranda

  • Rebeka Flores

    Looks like real angels

  • 李Sunny

    Learn chinese is so eary。I am come from china。

  • A random person On the Web

    Her eyebrows are ligit like mine when I try to do mine 😂

  • LouisianaBoy1990

    Goddamn, she's hotter than the freaking models..

  • FIFA • DiMi

    1:27 What the fuck is that

  • Jui ce

    Ooh a lot of posh girls with no personality and unhealthy spensing habits just got a nice big paycheck to look pretty and [fake] smile

  • Kendall The Wølf

    Halsey is prettier than the models

  • Paansi

    they have different beauty🖤

  • Someone H

    Who laughed when they heard “stand by last model, elsa in fantasy bra” 😂😂

  • Jacob Robeson

    Think Halsey should be modeling herself damnnnn!!

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