Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

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  • NO trolling

    And Compare that to wonderwoman trailer 😂😂

  • I know Cause I'm BatMan.

    2:04 Samuel L Jackson loves kawai Neko & Nekopara.

  • Zeee Eel

    Her story arc is like Rey + Alita only she's more perfect than Rey, she gets captured and her mind probed and her hidden OP powers awakens like Rey she then remembers memories of her past like Alita and goes around to fight bad guys like Alita, Samuel's character is reduced to a token black friend and the cat and the other guy steals the show. It also involves that tesarac thingy that made her OP and her mom is Hillary Clinton and she reunites with her single mom airforce buddy. Thanos is Dead

  • Angel Delgado

    Alita: Battle Angel go see it!!!

  • Roberto Ayala

    Looks cool Marvel, just steer clear of Jesus ok

  • Raffe Hollister

    Ehh. I'll wait for it on Amazon.

  • The Last Methbender

    This is gonna be marvel's green lantern

  • Raylor

    Just read the critics for this movie and they made me even more excited for it!

  • Ranzcid

    When are they gonna stop passing off transgender actors as females, just use a real female!

  • Simone Brunini

    First, she never said "This movie (or any other) is not for white men" she said that would be nice to have more (more means on top of the existing one) diversity between journalists. Second, are you "average white dude" so scared and insecure that just one sentence can make you fight back with foaming at the mouth? Do not worry nobody is going to steal the privileges that we acquired by being born white straight and in a western civilized country by lucky.

  • Aniket

    Mark it , this is a hit !

  • Kristal Gonzalez

    Every time we get a powerful FICTIONAL character some of you feel threatened 🙄. You are all really insecure.

  • Owlman 52

    Wait!!! Can I see this movie? Im Hispanic....but im a male, and im married to a blue eyes blonde haired Cuban she looks white. Well that opens up another can. Can SHE go see it? This is so confusing.

  • Yadu Vijayakrishnan

    Honestly, I got bored watching this trailer halfway through....and I never get bored watching trailers. This looks like what DC wanted.

  • bgwarior

    Download from a torrent, spend a hour watching, forget it exists. 🤗 Hate it when they LastJesi promising movies.

  • Noob Gamer

    Too bad i'm a white man, i'm not allowed to watch this movie.

  • thetalentedmrman

    Brie Alarson is a sexist and racist.

  • BorgesProduction

    I feel the Russo brothers make any marvel character they touch badass. She probably will be cheesy in this movie but will be portrayed much better in end game

  • Kaine Joyes

    "Hey Mary Sue, do you know how to fly this thing...never mind-have you ever been to tatooine?"

  • Maryan Vanzon

    yeah...your really gonna end it....End for Marvel...i hate this feeling,...she's probably the first missed cast for this role in Marvel Marvel choose her?

  • Sarah Winsatlife

    Lmao are people seriously gonna go see this?

  • Sailor Mars

    I always knew men were sensitive but not like these from the comments 😂

  • Sarah Winsatlife

    This actress is a racist and a sexist. I would never support this trash movie.

  • Bruna Modestia

    Too bad she doesn't want WHITE MAN to watch this movie. I am a woman very much ashamed of her behavior. Not watching this movie anymore.

  • Nathan T

    Why does she have the arrogance of a villain? Is she the villain in this??

  • Andrew Frost

    Wow, this looks bad.


    Green lantern vibes all day.

  • HK 49

    I love you Marvel, but you really ought to remove Brie Larson from the role. She has publicly denounced and attempted to dissuade an entire race of people from seeing her movie. I’m sorry but I can’t stand actors and actresses that are so racially biased and politically blind that they cannot see the bigger picture. That being said, I will not be going to see Captain Marvel in theaters. If you roll over and show your belly to the overzealous political bias that Star Wars has, then you too will fall all the same. Let the declining numbers in box office predications be another lesson my dear Marvel. Return to quality movies. No more excuses.

  • Ian

    Them haters, such a hypocrites. They be watching the movie even after all the hate they said in the comments. So dramatic. Mean while, i’m here again after all the reaction from twitter, the tea has been well served 🍵


    This trailer has convinced me to rush to a theater and watch...Alita.

  • Zato Zat

    let's be honest this movie is not interesting

  • Krombopulous Michael

    She protecShe attacBut most importantlyShe doesn't want her audience to be white or male, so you can keep her thx bye.

  • Shawn Scorpion

    Okay so I see 700K likes and 50k dislikes for this trailer yet... All the top comments are dislikes for the flim. I smell some number fudging fuckery going on here!

  • odddity

    It looked so good, until she opened her mouth. Please keep politics out of my media, I will see this when it comes out on Netflix in summer. I hope the ending of the movie is when Rogue takes her powers.

  • Bee Waifu

    Miss Marvel is a Kree now?

  • Uncle TwIzTeD

    Thank you Brie, you saved me and my family a lot of money by skipping this movie.

  • Xander G

    They should have done a trilogy and started with Rogue stealing her powers as the 1st part and then ended with this storyline.

  • dodge cody

    Wow my three-year-old niece can do Captain Marvel better

  • kritters 1

    im not ever buying any thing marvel from now on

  • kritters 1

    if an employee of a company is an outspoken racist is the company liable

  • Eric TS

    Captain Marvel? This looks more like Green Lantern.

  • Goatish k kvk

    Captain marvel, go and get korg and bring him to thanos, only he can kill him

  • kritters 1

    if a company supports that racism on an international scale is it than

  • Roberto Ayala

    Looks cool Marvel, just steer clear of Jesus ok

  • Breathing xx

    Captain marvel stop thanos this instance.

  • Reeta Pandey

    Thanos should watch this😂

  • Trenton Bradley

    Filmmaking: a platform to express all ideas* People who disagree with one person/character’s views: aJEJZGZJEIENHZInhIdm!!* It’s just a movie my friends, let’s all take a breather and not loose our minds...

  • Alex Worden

    I guess I'll be seeing her in end game because I'm definitely not watching this.

  • UnixEDU

    this will bomb worse than green lantern. as it should.

  • motherthecar

    I've never seen so many a-holes like I do on this post. All you clowns are such experts on Captain Marvel...none of you have a clue. get a life losers. Captain Marvel is going to bust the box office and all of you are going to look like the morons you are...I guess you all voted for President CHUMP

  • F11

    Trailer not for white men. - brie

  • NEO O

    0:14 there was another movie a while ago that featured a granny fight and its just hysterically bad. The movie flopped too just like this will

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